Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Come As You Are

I am not tech savvy. While I own a smart phone I only know the most basic functions and if I tried to carry on a conversation about the newest operating system I wouldn't even be able to tell you if I have a    4G, 4S, 4Me (Why thank-you!). Caya was created for moms who need to use technology but require an explanation of the how to. Telus has opened four of these stylish tech boutiques throughout Vancouver and promises a "Come As You Are" environment. In my case, I came to the Caya Mom's Event ignorant but eager to learn.

The staff at Caya took us through a wide range of the latest Telus products that not only looked hot to trot but would be incredibly useful for a blogger like myself. I was a huge fan of the Nikon polaroid cameras, the Graf and Lantz carry all bags and the Olloclip 2in1 Lens which snaps onto an Iphone camera, allowing for a fish-eye view or wide angle shot. Caya also offers imaging services from passport photos to photo books of all varieties. The boutique has won awards for it's design and functions as a gathering place as well as a retail space. Caya locations can be rented out for intimate fund-raising events by non-profits and other organizations. 

The true test of whether or not Caya is a place to hit up for tech services took place on my return visit to have a complimentary photo book printed off. The staff were incredibly hospitable and while my photo book was printing off, were eager to answer my questions. I imagine they could have rolled their eyes when I asked, "What's a smart phone (I honestly didn't know that an Iphone, Blackberry, etc. are all referred to as smart phones)?"Instead they went through a clear and concise explanation of why the various types of smart phones are preferred for different reasons. I feel smarter now (ha, ha....haaa).   

The lovely Anna of Simply Stylish Mom and Me
Inside the Caya store on Granville. Display tables are on wheels to make room for events
Couldn't resist trying the Olloclip fish bowl lens

*Disclaimer-While I am invited to these events in order to blog about the products or services I only do if I genuinely enjoyed the experience or think the dissemination of the product information would be useful to Elasticpantcity readers.

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  1. Josh got me the Olloclip. I like it, but hate that I have to take off the case whenever I want to use it -- not easy with my case. But I think it may be different because you actually have three lenses with mine, it unscrews and flips over so that the wide angle becomes a macro. Handy! All that to say, we accidentally left it in Manali, hoping to get it sent back!!

    Miss you!!