Friday, February 26, 2010

Nice Buns

I'm digging the high, messy bun trend I'm seeing all over the city and even on the models at the Fall 2010 Fendi show. The look could be described as soft romanticism. I'm no hairdresser but moms, here's a two step plan for creating your own cool, loose bun.

Step 1 - Put your hair in a high bun
Step 2 - Allow your baby to yank unmercifully at your hair as they are so apt at doing.

Voila mommies! You are now effortlessly chic and right on trend. If you want the bun to stay in place make sure your child's hands are sticky.

I look forward to trying this look and showing the world that as a mama, I know a thing or two about loose buns.

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  1. Also the great thing is you could have the style morning and night! Even at 3am in the morning... just like the model you can have the dazed look.

  2. Bahaha. I may need to borrow your baby to replicate this look though.