Thursday, June 30, 2011

Feeling Chipper

Today my little boy was an angel. It's amazing how the world seems like a brighter place when Levi is in a sunshiny mood. While Levi napped I took some photos of two new pieces I picked up for my shop.

This dress is a gem. The color is extremely vibrant and I love the semi sheer material. It would be great to hear from readers how they would give this look a modern spin. 

 I must have been in a good mood because I also color coordinated our books while reorganizing a few  shelves.

And I lined up Ben's guitar pedals because they were bright and pretty (A little bit OCD, no?)

This second dress is a cutey patootie! The detail around the collar and cuff is so sweet and I can envision it with platforms, or wedges, or espadrilles... And maybe a cute summer hat. Is that going too far?

 To top off my chipper day I also made a rainbow colored meal (Not intentionally, but the end result made me happy). The icing on the cake was that Levi chowed it down. 

The weather outside may have been grey but it was a delightful day nonetheless. I hope you were able to find the bright side of your day too!

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  1. Omg I love the second dress! I would put a big floppy sun hat, but I would pair it with possibly mary jane-ish shoes! haha something Miyazaki-esque! xD