Thursday, June 14, 2012


And we're back! After my brief hiatus on Elasticpantcity I'm excited to hunker down over the keyboard and continue this story board of our lives. I imagine the day when my kids will realize I've kept an account of our family life and can read through Elasticpantcity to conjure up happy memories.  I'm sure they'll skip through the fashion bits and be aghast about how often I talk about breast feeding, but being embarrassed by your parents is part of growing up, right (not that you ever embarrassed me, mom and dad. XOXO)? 

Last night was the Vancouver Mom Fabulous event at the Vancouver Museum. I was giddy to meet all the other mommy bloggers and get pampered by the beauty teams. It was wonderful to have a hair and make-up crew on site to touch up my appearance. Most parents know that getting out of the house to an event is a frazzling experience. I joked with the hair dresser that it's a matter of falling in and out of the car, a trail of baby wipes and toys on your tail, rather than a glamourous arrival. 

I designed and made my peplum skirt for Fabulous, after finding this picture as inspiration. The pink striped, cross fabric is reworked from a vintage 1970s dress. It was very therapeutic for me as I find sewing meditative (When there's no pressure) and I had a lot of praying to do for the people in my life.

I've been to many PR events and I'm usually forward about meeting new people but walking into a room full of such creative and beautiful women (And about five men, Ben included), I felt instantly shy and nervous. I still managed to meet a handful of lovely ladies and even Pamela Martin, who I grew up watching on the news cast. Overall the event was inspiring and fabulous!

The best part of using a museum as an event location is that when you feel overwhelmed you can disappear into the exhibits. Ben did this most of the night. There was a lot of estrogen in the room. I was like a kid in a candy shop walking through the Art Deco Chic exhibit of dresses from the 1920s and 30s. 

It was exciting to see a Schiaparelli design up close as she is currently featured in The Met's Spring 2012 Costume Institution exhibition. 
If you're in town and love fashion I highly recommend the Art Deco Chic exhibit for an afternoon of inspiration.

Thank-you again for voting for Elasticpantcity as one of Vancouver's Top Mommy Blogs and thank-you Vancouver Mom for a great night out! The site is going to be going through a face lift in the next couple of weeks so be prepared for a new look!


  1. I felt instantly shy too. I think I clung to my "hubby" all night! I think I we were sitting next to eachother during our hair dos lol! I loved that red dress too!

  2. Yes, we were! Thank goodness for our hubbies!

  3. you looked gorgeous, so glad you had a good night!! did you like your goodies?

  4. I love your outfit! Simply gorgeous!! I love the slight tribal feel at the bottom! Great job! You definitely deserve a night out! You are a wonderful mommy! Your blog does nothing but say that! :) Glad you had a lovely evening!

  5. Loved the goodies and probably the heap loads of granola most of all! We are a granola family and I thought it was ironically representative of all us West Coast tree huggers ; )