Saturday, September 1, 2012

Me and Him | Lunch Date

Ben and I escaped on an afternoon date and ate lunch at East is East. The restaurant makes the most delicious Boulani which is traditional Afghan roti stuffed with potato, green onion and herbs.

My husband is my best friend and I love alone time with him, whether were discussing business or shooting the breeze. Ben kindly carries our clunky SLR around town so that I can do my little photo shoots and he never complains when I ask him to take more shots. What a man!
I've been living in these vintage Bill Blass denim shorts all summer. They're high waisted, especially in the rear, which is far more flattering then showing plumber's butt when I bend over to pick up my babies.   

We had a great time taking these pictures. It was such a quiet and serene park: A little oasis for us in the midst of our usually loud and chaotic life.


  1. Loved reading your post! And i love those shorts- so cute!!

  2. hardydanielle, I always appreciate your comments!