Monday, December 20, 2010

Not the Baby Type

I was birthday present shopping for my sister and wandered into a store that my friend works in. My friend wasn't there but her co-workers were talking about her. I jumped into the conversation but forgot to tell them my name. A couple days later my friend texted me and asked if I had been in her store. When she was trying to figure out who had come by, she asked her boss if the person had a baby.

Her boss responded, "She didn't look like the baby type."

Belly laugh!

What does "the baby type" look like? I decided to take it as a compliment because yes, while I wear my mommy hat proudly, being a mom does not define every aspect of who I am. It would be easier (and probably more comfortable) to sport yoga pants and a pony tail every day but I still like to have fun and experiment with fashion. On that particular day I was dressed grungy, in a hodge podge of clothing pieces: Furry boots, denim dress, grey granny coat. I think I was even wearing make-up.

Most days I am in leggings and comfy tops, sporting my big, black Lululemon diaper bag and a baby on my hip. I love for people to recognize that I am a mommy. I endured natural child-birth, sacrificed my boobs for 15 months of breast feeding and spend a good portion of my day dancing a jig, to get laughter out my little one.  My life isn't glamorous but exactly what I always hoped it would be.

I may not always look like the "baby type," but I am a mommy.


  1. Lucky! I wouldn't mind having people think I'm not so "mommy-looking." But then, I'd have to put some effort into it. So, maybe not. At least not very often. Your baby is CUTE!

  2. Who defines what a mommy should look like anyway? It's not some kind of disease, after all! :) Michelle you always look great, and you are a great mommy! I'm so glad to have you as the mommy of my grandson!