Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love Song

I was going for a run the other day when I passed an elderly lady on a walk. I said hello and when I was about 10 feet away from her she called out,

 "Isn't is a beautiful day! It's....Powerful, really." 

I love that this anonymous lady couldn't hold in her admiration for creation to the point that it burst out of her to a complete stranger. I knew exactly what she meant. Creation is breath-taking, especially in Vancouver on a blustery, winter's day. Yesterday, the sun was shining, in the distance we could see rain falling on the North Shore and the wind was causing waves to crash against the sea wall. Not surprisingly, my photos turned from style shots into a love song for my city. 

I've been altering this lace dress for ages. I bought it so cheap at a thrift store that even though it is very ill-fitting (and a little smelly) I had to make it work. I patched up some tears and shortened the hem. In the end I still wasn't that happy with it but I do love the sleeves. 

Truth. When I wore this outside I threw on some jeans and a jacket and let's just say it was an interesting ensemble. The only full photo I have is this one.... I probably wont be wearing this again. Too body-con for me.

If I could be a tree I would be a Weeping Willow. They're so poetic.

Art work at Kits Beach. Also very poetic.

Little swimming woman. 

The ocean was so blue it looked tropical. But don't be deceived. It was cold!

Nothing is greater. Brilliant Creator. Friend of mine.

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