Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shades of Blue

Visiting a new city with little time to explore means that when Ben and I do get a chance to sight-see, we blindly walk around hoping to come across something interesting. Today we stumbled into Lake Michigan. It's hard to miss. I've never stood at the edge of a Great Lake before and the vastness of it was breathtaking. This first picture is the actual blue of the lake. The rest are Ben's attempts to be artsy. I'm grateful to have a husband who will take pictures and patiently follow my amateur directions. 

This DKNY cozy and dress are perfect for pregnancy. They're stretchy and can be draped in multiple ways. The cozy can be worn however I tie it and the belt allows me to shorten or lengthen the dress. My TOMS have been great traveling companions. My feet haven't hurt the whole trip and I've done a lot of walking! Not even a blister!

Ben bought me these Kenneth Cole earrings on a trip to Seattle and I wore them for the first time today. All the chrome and stainless steel in Millenium Park inspired me to take them for a spin. 

Self-portrait fail. But at least you know Ben was there.

And tonight is...The Bulls game!

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