Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tots and Thoughts Thursday: Potty Poop

Ben and I have decided to take a relaxed approach to potty training. Levi runs around naked, his little port-a-potty moves throughout the house and if we're lucky, he sits on it for two seconds and then proclaims, "I'm done!"

Last night, was the same routine when suddenly I noticed him bracing himself on the arm of our easy-chair. I recognized the concentrated look on his face and started shouting, "Sit on the potty! Sit on the potty!" I raced across the room and grabbed him, just as a piece of poop squeezed out and landed on the hard wood.

The rest landed in the potty, or so I thought. An hour later Ben was organizing the house because company was coming over. Two guests had arrived and he was telling them about Levi's almost successful potty poop when low and behold, he discovered a poop pile in the corner of our living room. Thankfully, on the hardwood.

And this is just the beginning. Wish us luck!


  1. Super cute. Enjoy the journey...soon they use the bathroom all by themselves and they shut the door. :-) I love your stories.

  2. AAGGGGHHHHH was this right before small group???? I'm buying you Lysol for every holiday I can think of.