Saturday, September 3, 2011

Style Lab

I have a hard time committing to one hairstylist. I've been wandering like a lost puppy from salon to salon since living in Vancouver. I've finally come to the conclusion that word of mouth and physical evidence is the key to winning my hair. 

Countless friends, and my husband, are dedicated clients of Eliza Warford at Style Lab Headquarters. I've never seen an Eliza cut and colour that I didn't love. For a while I was taking a lazy approach to my hair and  going to the salon right around the corner from our house. Time efficient and easy doesn't always = awesome. 

I finally booked an appointment with Eliza and was so happy with the results. Not only that, I learned why Style Lab is one of the coolest salons in Vancouver. 

Each stylist rents their chair from the owner of the shop. This means the stylists are self-employed, schedule all their own appointments and avoid a lot of the drama that comes with a corporation. The atmosphere of Style Lab is relaxed and friendly. The shop itself is set up in an open, warehouse space and the stylists' cute little pups freely roam the room. 

Eliza has a degree in entrepreneurship and marketing which makes Style Lab an ideal place to set-up her business and welcome clientele. I love the idea of supporting Eliza as a local, independent business woman/artist extraordinaire! 

Another unique feature of Style Lab is no website. It's up to each stylist to promote their business and draw clientele to Style Lab. If you're in Vancouver and want an awesome hair makeover you can contact Eliza through her blog. Eliza also does hair for weddings, one of which was recently featured on Style Me Pretty Canada

Eliza Consulting with a Client

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