Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Next week we leave for vacation so I went out and picked up some holiday essentials (Well, maybe not the shoes...). A very lovely and generous person watched my little nuggets while I went shopping with gift money. I needed the breather. Jethro's been up in Levi's business and poor Levi tries to defend his territory (or food). This results in Jethro getting shoved over, and then everyone is crying. Crying. Crying

I know my babies will grow up fast and so I try to cherish every moment. Occasionally screaming into a pillow is a great release for the more trying times. 

Jet's coming up to one year. The eyes. He melts my heart

And I thought I'd add a shot of my niece Sofia, because she's adorable and has amazing ringlets and she's the feistiest chick around. 


  1. Where'd you score your hat?! I bought a similar one (but with black stripes) at Superstore on sale for $10! LOVE big floppy summer hats. :)

    And I hope the crying ends soon. :S

  2. Okay cutest kids ever!! And i love your coral top! xo