Monday, July 2, 2012

O Canada, O Vancouver

Happy Birthday Canada!
We had a little cupcake party with our neighbours in honour of our country's 145th birthday. Levi is still grasping the concept of country and was certain a person name Canada was coming over for a celebration. 
These cupcakes were my first foray into vegan baking. They were yummy! The cupcake recipe is from here and the icing recipe from here.  

It was such a beautiful night that after our party ended at 6:30 (My how things have changed!), I headed down to the beach to practice photography. We have had several days of rain and suddenly the air is full of the fragrant aroma of plants in full bloom. The walk down to the water was glorious, and it was a pleasure to inhale the sweet scents. There's one little park that I always stop at to take in a view of the water and mountains. It's hard to capture the beauty and peacefulness of this special place, but I've pondered a lot of life's deep questions here, surrounded by creation and my Creator. 

My goal for this little photo expedition was to try to take photos facing towards the sun, with out the images being totally over exposed. By the way, there's a reason why we're taught as children not to look directly into the sunlight. By the end, my eyes we're aching but I had some lovely shots.

Just a reminder that Elasticpantcity is going through a redesign and will be at this blogspot address until the domain is transferred. If you have any friends who think they've lost me, let them know : )

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