Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cheap Entertainment

Men will resort to the strangest things to make a baby laugh. The other day, I watched in awe as my husband stood in the middle of our living-room, repeatedly whacking himself in the head with a pillow. I observed similar behavior in my parent's home. My dad lay on the ground, hitting himself (in the head) with a wooden hammer. The result of their self-inflicting harm is wonderful, Levi bursting into chortles of laughter. However, that method seems exhausting (and painful?).

A wise grandma gave me a wonderful tip on how she entertains her grandchildren. She paints her nails a vibrant color and wiggles her fingers in front of their little faces. I can handle that. For extra entertainment value, add a bauble.  With hardly any exertion it is possible to explode a babies mind with the wonder of color and texture (but not taste).

The gold ring I'm wearing in these photos belonged to my paternal grandmother. The roses are made of coral with pearls for leaves. It was a gift from my grandpa on one of their trips to Hawaii. I wonder how many of her grandchildren were entertained by this ring?

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  1. That ring is amazing, and you inspired me to do my nails... TWICE in one week!