Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Love Studs

Check out these tough shoes! They are the most impractical shoes I've bought since having a baby. I love the thick heel and the stud detailing. I found them while rummaging through Salvation Army. For six dollars, you can't go wrong.

Living in the city forces me to be frugal, but miserly doesn't equate to misery. In fact, I get my thrills out of thrift store shopping. Oh, how my adrenaline pumps trying to maneuver a stroller through smelly racks of clothes while playing chicken with elderly folks and their walkers! Guess who always wins?


  1. haha, best post so far :) enjoying your blog Michelle!

  2. Probably one of my most favorites of your posts yet! I have to say I really love those shoes. I could never pull them off, but you do it so well!


  3. Holy crap, those shoes are amaaaaaaazing! I can't believe you found them at Salvation Army. You are a wonder. (And you could be a part-time shoe model if you wanted to.)

  4. Miserly doesn't equate to Misery! I want that on a t-shirt. Awesome.