Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Clog Blog

Talk about love at first sight! I confess I was not looking for a pair of clogs but I was drawn to these ones. They fit like a glove and the heel is a funky, chunky shape. One quick whiff told me they were real leather, despite the fact these clogs were cheap relatively cheap. 

There is more to my clog-loving story. The only designer I follow is Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel. Since watching the famous Signe Chanel documentary, my respect for the craftsmanship of this luxury brand has grown exponentially. As an amateur sewer, watching the ingenious of Chanel's staff at work blew my mind. I couldn't care less about celebrity, but I thought if I could meet one it would be Karl Lagerfeld. 
Before trying to have a baby, my husband Ben and I took one last child-free trip to NYC. Imagine how my heart stopped when as we were crossing through Time Square, Ben said, "There must be someone famous there." Following his gaze, I saw a shock of white hair, surrounded by a crowd of people. Unmistakably it was Karl Lagerfeld. Muscling our way through the throngs I realized we were at the scene of a Fendi photoshoot at which Lagerfeld was the photographer! My sweet husband let me stand there for an hour, with my mouth hanging open, as I watched Lagerfeld at work. At times I was only three feet away from him. The best part was when the security guard asked me to move because I was in one of the shots. That means Lagerfeld saw me! Isn't that like meeting someone (Maybe I should have let the security guard arrest me. Then Lagerfeld may have really noticed)?

At the Chanel Spring 2010 runway show, most of the models were wearing fabulous clogs. Since I will never own a Chanel anything, I was excited to find my own unique take of an item from the brand. These clogs do the job well! Thank-you Winners!


  1. I totally had a pair of clogs when I was in high school. I think they might have been the first cool shoes I ever owned.

    Yours are cute!!

  2. What great clogs you have! I have had only one pair of clogs in my life and I loved them so much. They were woren out after the summer so I had to put them to rest. But I love clogs!