Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Steps

Our front steps have the potential to be a place of great memories. Picture this: Baby in bed, beautiful summer evening, glass of wine, comfy chairs to rest in.

Our stairs have two landings. The top one is ideal for Levi to play on. We've constructed a monster of a gate to keep him from going head first down the stairs. Oddly enough this is his favorite way of scaling down the steps.

 Perfect. We have a great little out door play area where Levi is confined and his plethora of ride em' toys can be stored. I love to sit out there and listen to our lovely Greek neighbor lady shout instructions, to the next household over, on how to make a proper roast. There are also some tolerable musicians on the street who play their guitars like street buskers trying to earn a living.  To me, city noise is soothing. I like to know that there are other people close by.

I digress, back to our steps. Right now they look like this. 

Another home project courtesy of our landlord. One day these steps will be fabulous. As will our kitchen with its half painted walls and our bathroom with its sad linoleum floor. Meanwhile, Ben is enjoying being destructive and Levi is learning that, when he's a big boy, he can go from destroying block towers to houses.

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