Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Style Profile

  I need friends to remind me that getting dressed can be fun. For every mom it is a slippery slope into yoga pants. Oh the shame! Elastic waist bottoms are my uniform fallback. However, once in a while I come out of my mommy haze to notice the fashion of those around me. Case in Point: Jennie. I usually only see Jennie in passing but that's all it takes to notice her fun, chic style. Jennie was kind enough to humor me with pics of herself in a few of her favorite outfits and to answer some of my questions about her personal style. Thanks Jennie! 
How would you describe your personal style?

Random. Eclectic. My snowboarder past keeps me young I think... Surfer girl + musician + artist. I like mixing things. You'll find me loving J.Crew, Aritzia, Quiksilver, Toms, Joe, Target, Matix.. (I keep all my JCrew catalogues for inspiration!)  
What do you consider to be must-haves in your wardrobe?

Key pieces... things you save up for. A nice leather bag. A wicked watch. Leather boots. Pearls. Jeans that you feel amazing in. Quality pieces that last blended with what's in now. As a Vancouver girl, one simply must have a Lululemon Apres Yoga Jacket (for our rainy falls/winters - trust me you will not be disappointed), Hunter Wellies, and an umbrella you adore. If you haven't tried Wunder Unders yet (can you smell my love for Lululemon?), they are a must have as well. Did I forget a toque? I wear mine all year round :) 
On an inward note, I think 1 Peter 3:4 helps balance out all the exterior fuss and helps keep me focused on true beauty. 

You love physical fitness. What do you do to stay in shape? (every mom loves workout ideas)

I do love working out... it is how I stay sane.  I love meditating & praying when I'm running. I dabble in trail running, snowboarding, swimming, Bikrams yoga, bootcamp, spin, hiking, mtn biking... lately I've been falling more and more in love with surfing. I find the greatest motivator for a faithful fitness regime is accountability - I am so much more likely to work out if I know I'm meeting someone at the pool or gym than dragging myself out the door. I also think it's a great thing to share with your spouse as a way to unwind or recreate. I'm thankful that my line of work these days (landscaping) helps keep me strong and fit as well.  
As an artist do you consider fashion as another venue to express yourself artistically? 

Absolutely. It's a matter of balance, proportion, personal taste and meaning. I think accessories help personalize looks - it's all about what you do with what. I really enjoy following a couple fashion blogs -  my friend Elim's (a local rising fashion guru) is fun: thestyleseen.wordpress.com. If I am feeling utterly decadent, thesartorialist.blogspot.com is worth a browse. 

If you could dig through anyone's wardrobe, who would it be?

Hmmm... probably my grandmother (Barbara Councell). She has Alzheimers and has been living with it since I was a teenager. I know she was stunning and would have loved to know more about her. It would have been neat to check out her wardrobe when she was my age. As for stars, anytime I see Rachel Bilson, she always dresses well. If I was raiding someone's closest in the present day (who I know), it would be my friend Sarah Cameron for sure.

 * If you want to know what Jennie is wearing e-mail me at elasticpantcity@gmail.com


  1. Thanks for the inspiration, I enjoyed this. Especially love the Wellies.

  2. Shout-out to S.Cam!

    Jen has amazing style. I always admire the confidence which with she pulls any and everything off too!

  3. I'm glad you feel inspired Jess! And Ariana, I agree!

  4. Love this whole post! I agree that Jennie has amazing style. I think the very first photo is my favorite. I love the colour of that dress and the plaid scarf but I think it's the expression on her face that I love the most.

    Also, I know her haircut/blondness isn't like, NEW, new. But I looooove it.