Thursday, August 26, 2010

"It Was...Convenient"

This is how we wash our clothes.
It is a tiny washing machine that does about 1/4 of a regular washing machine load.

This is how we dry our clothes.
There's nothing like crispy underwear.

Does it sound awful? It's actually wonderful. We use to pay close to $100.00 a month on laundry. Now we pay nothing. We're saving $1200 per year (Not counting dryer use on rainy days)! As a family we are adjusting to cardboard clothing.

Our culture perpetuates the idea that life is supposed to be convenient. How often do we hear convenience described as a motivator for behavior? I'm rebelling against convenience ideology. It is more work to keep a family clean with a tiny-ass washing machine and a clothesline, but we save money which allows us to continue living in the city at an affordable price.

I also sometimes don't like eating beans, but hey, one can is a meal for Levi and I at about $1.50 per person. We may fart more but we also laugh a lot.

My point: At the end of my life I don't want someone to ask me the question, "How would you describe your life?" And my answer to be, "It was...convenient."

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