Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Whole New World

Friend's of ours invited us to their lovely home in Squamish for a little family retreat. They spoiled us with delicious food, hot-tubbing and treated me to a pilates class. Levi was able to meet a couple of my aunts and uncles and boy, did they spoil the little gaffer! 
Things that I would have once found mundane and boring are now fascinating to observe through the eyes of Levi. Each day he discovers a new element of the world with pure delight and awe. We visited the Train Museum while in Squamish. To the undiscriminating eye it looks like a dingy old train yard full of musty smelling train cars, cracked vinyl benches, and faded carpet. Exactly the kind of place I would normally loathe to visit. But as we explored, observing Levi's awestruck expressions and exclamations entirely changed my experience. What at first seemed a dreary place became a world full of colour and discovery. I know there is an analogy for life somewhere in there, but I'll let you dig it out. 

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