Monday, August 1, 2011


Ben and I like to take turns letting each other sleep in. Although turns usually means my three to his one. Pregnancy trumps all. We decided last night that Ben would take his turn and of course our lovely little Levi woke up at 5:30 AM. There is a lot that can be accomplished between dawn and nap time. Like baking sugar cookies. Levi helped me cut out the dough in the shape of hands. He was thrilled because he loves high fives and getting his hands traced with crayons. I had to re-roll most of Levi's handiwork because many of his creations were missing fingers and sometimes rudely gesturing. Oops.

Having an early start to the day also means I get some serious web time in. I always check to see what's new on Romwe and they were featuring a great selection of rings. Some people hate costume jewelry, but if you're a style blogger, you know even cheap accessories can make a photo. I love these four!
I also found another DIY online to add to my crazy list of half-finished projects. Our house is in and out of massive disarray. We're trying to get organized for Jethro and usually that means a huge mess as we clean, create and cram things into a small space. One day I'd love a frame like this above our fire place. One day...

And then I just have to enjoy the extra time I get with Levi on early morning days. He is such a character. I adore how he sits like an old man while reading. He has a great treehouse in the front yard and he loves to organize it, hammer in nails and read in his camper chair on the deck. Seven more weeks until Levi is not my only baby. 
I'm in the OMG, help me, I can't believe we're doing this again stage. 

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  1. 7 weeks! Yes, you're doing this again and you KNOW you'll love it!! :-)
    Sweet little hand cookes... and sweet photos of Levi!