Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Coming Along

Remember how I said Ben hates painting? Well, there comes a point when you have to dig your heels in and say, "Let's get 'er done." Ben is tired of sleeping on the couch, I'm tired of sleeping next to an adorable little baby that wakes up all night long. We're going to move a double bed in with Jethro so on bad nights I can be by his side but at least I'll have the option of cozying up with Ben like a married couple again in the converted sunroom. Our queen will fit snuggly, we'll cover up the windows and pray for peace on this household! 

Speaking of prayer, I do have a little story where if you don't have faith, maybe you'll be inspired. Ben and I could not afford to buy a double bed. We don't like to use credit and so one night we prayed for a bed. The next day Ben was walking home from the bus stop and he passed a double bed/sofa in mint condition on the side of the road. Our neighbourhood has a free corner. If it's there, it's yours. Ben grabbed a dolly and hauled that baby home. True story.

The new bed. Not bad, eh? 

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