Saturday, January 21, 2012


I couldn't help but noticed that some of my favorite style bloggers have been sporting lemony coloured skirts. Maybe to make up for the absence of sun in the winter time? I was browsing through the racks the other day and found a yellow skirt but it wouldn't fit over my childbearing thighs. Then I remembered I have a navy skirt with yellow print worn in the photo below, taken post-Levi, pre-Jethro. A bit of yellow but not quite the bam power of a solid number. I'm kind of missing those bangs... What do you think? Are you digging the yellow?


  1. I especially love your long sweater. Stylish and comfy! :) Get the bangs again - beauty!

  2. I almost always love yellow.
    And your outfit above is terrific :-)

  3. Thanks Victoria. And yes, Nadine, I think I want my bangs back : )

  4. The outfit above is SO pretty. And very cozy-looking.
    I think yellow is a great colour, especially in our very grey winters.