Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's The Problem?

The first thing my 2 1/2 year old said to me when I got out of bed this morning is, "What's the problem mommy?" I don't know if it was my face or posture but dang! What an intuitive little guy. My problem, my love, is my sweet children keep me up through the watches of the night and so I am manically sleep-deprived. Okay, I didn't say that to him but I thought it and I think it often. Yesterday found me after a chiropractor appointment hiding out in London Drugs in the magazine section calling my husband to tell him I needed a little more time. I left the store with a bag of chocolate which I ate. All of it. 

Motherhood is hard, peeps. Wonderfully rewarding, but also a mirror reflecting my own selfishness. It requires a measure of self-sacrifice that doesn't come easily. At least not for me. Sleep deprivation is not conducive to blogging but I love my little Elasticpantcity so here I am! Hip, hip hurrah! 

With the chilly weather and nasty roads we've been at home a lot. Indoor activities for kids is essential to survival and so I've been stock piling a bunch of ideas that are on my artsy fartsy to do list. Here are two of my favorites, plus an activity that never fails to occupy my guy.

Quiet books. Collective sigh of relief. This little felt activity book by Turbow Designs is genius. What a great way to occupy kids on an intemperate day with something other than cartoons. I love making things so I want to create a book specifically tailored to my little ones but if you don't like DIYs check out Turbow Designs on Etsy

One of my favorite blogs, Sweet Unwrapping Life, recently featured a play mat created by Claire for our mutual friend Sherri's, little guy (did you follow that?). The play mat is made out of old pants and fabric. So brilliant and fun!

And then finally, never underestimate the power of homemade playdough. Levi loves helping me mix the ingredients and watching the food colouring spread through the dough. If you want to be really organic, use beet juice for colouring. Here's the fail proof recipe from my mommy.

2 Cups of All-Purpose flour
1 Cup of salt
4 Tbls. Cream of Tartar
4 Tbls. Vegetable oil
2 Cups of Water

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Place in a large pot on stove top at low heat. Keep stirring until the dough becomes like the texture of playdough (You'll be able to tell).


  1. Oh Michelle, sorry you are going through these sleep deprived bumps. Remember to ask hubby for help, and take some "me" time once in a while. Hugs!

  2. Levi has much promise in a modeling career.