Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Moving On Up(stairs)

The last three weeks have been extremely difficult for me. Little Jethro has had some very rough nights of being up almost every hour, screaming and crying. Of course that means I'm awake too, trying to bring him comfort. I suspected it was reflux but was under the impression that reflux was not something that could be treated with medication. I finally was able to get an appointment to see our family doctor today and hallelujah! there is reflux medication for wee ones! We picked up the medication and sending prayers up, tonight we'll see some improvement in Jethro's ability to settle. I'm at the end of my rope with fatigue and let's just say, Jethro hasn't been the only one crying...

On a happier note, there is a possibility we might be able to move to the upstairs unit in our multi-suite house. That means an extra den/bedroom, plus bedrooms on the top floor. It would be the first time in five years that I would not hear my neighbors footsteps over my head while trying to sleep. Oh bliss! Not to say that this larger suite in our 100 year old character home doesn't have umm, character (a.k.a weird and unexplainable design elements) but the benefits out weigh the costs. Naturally I'm already decorating the suite in my head and here are a few of the design elements I'd like to bring to a new place.

Quirky framed art of various sizes (I have one piece now which I couldn't resist buying and then didn't know what I'd do with it until I saw this image).

I can't tell you how much I love textiles. The mix of fabrics as a room separator is gooorgeous.

Yes. Cool Aztecy blankets to cover our ugly, dated couch. 

We already have a woven blanket from India hung as a curtain in our bedroom. We might as well use some more fabric to create a faux headboard/backdrop. 

Doily table runner. Simple. Pretty. 

I've been wanting a Wooly pocket for ages to create a wall plant display.  

 Again simple and easy to do.

Ahhh. The table. I showed it to my ex-carpenter husband and immediately his eyes glazed over. What? I know you could make it. And he will, bless his heart. What a good man I have.

In case you haven't guessed it, I like white walls. However, I'd love one blue accent wall. 

*Find sources for all images via my pinterest (Moving up(stairs) board), except for last image via karla's Closet. 


  1. Pretty images. And best wishes that the med helps your wee one... and mommy's sanity. Keep us posted and here's to some sleep!

  2. Beautiful inspiration. I use various sizes of vases for flowers, it's very effective! Hope things with Jethro improve.

    Fashion Dawgs