Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Style File: Andrea

 After several years living in Vancouver the "eternally beautiful Andrea" (that's how her sweet husband introduces her and it's true!) moved back to Australia and I was sad to say good-bye to a dear friend. Andrea is the mother of two lovely children and has a keen eye for design from clothing to graphic to everything! While living in Vancouver her style inspired me in how I dress, especially her ability to use accessories to highlight her gorgeous features. Once back in Australia, Andrea put her design skills to work, creating Little Boo, a children's clothing and accessories company. Andrea was kind enough to share some of her favorite accessories on Elasticpantcity as well as answer some of my questions about her personal style and Little Boo.

You taught me about brightening the face with accessories. What are your favorite accessories at the moment?

I love to accessorise and I rarely leave the house without grabbing a hint of bling to put around my neck, or a scarf, a hair piece or a cuff on my wrist. I have been given so much beautiful jewelry and naturally have a lot of fun trying different colour combinations. My favorite accessories are my emerald green malachite bangles brought back from South Africa by my in-laws, blue shoes, Moroccan style earrings and necklaces.

How does colour theory play into how you dress?

When I was younger a friend of mine did my colours and told me that winter was the best match for my complexion. Even though I break many fashion rules, I do tend to colour block with navy, red, emerald green, black and purples. If I like specific colour combinations I will utilise the accessories I have, with the existing darker coloured clothing that I own.

Is there a difference you notice between Australian and Canadian fashion?

Definitely. Australians dress for the summer and use a lot more prints in their fabrics. Women are very feminine wearing long summer dresses, skirts, coloured shoes, and lots of accessories! I rarely see women without at least one piece of jewelry on when then go out. I noticed there was a saturation of dark colours in Canadian fashion including children wearing a lot of grays and blacks, but the colder weather would contribute to this.

Has being a mom changed your style?

Not really. I wear a little more ballet flats, for fear of tripping in heels while chasing my kids. Wedges are a great invention for moms!

If you were to invest in one designer piece what would it be?

Jimmy Choo shoes.
What inspired you to start Little Boo?

A dribbling baby!

What has been the hardest thing about starting your own business?

Large excel spreadsheets. I love designing but I know I have to push through the menial tasks of accounting which is unavoidable when running a business. Also, learning to trust my intuition.

Where do you want to see Little Boo go?

I would love to see Little Boo in boutique baby stores across the country and our bibble worn by celebrity babies!

If you'd like to know more about Little Boo follow these links:

Thanks Andrea! I love you!


  1. Love the necklace you are wearing and the turquoise earrings.


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