Friday, January 27, 2012

Simple Pleasures

As I mentioned in my last post, it's been a difficult few weeks but things are looking up. Jethro's medication to treat reflux seems to be working and the nights are starting to get better. PTL, PTL. Happy baby = happy mommy. Even while the poop was hitting the fan I found myself thankful for the little pleasures that take the edge off dire straits. 

I've been gutting this dress to bring it up to date. I ripped out the shoulder pads and shortened the hemline to above the knees. Actually, I started shortening the hemline but Levi was a bit too eager to help and I ended up taking it to the tailor's. I love making old things new. 

Levi's cool chicken toy was inherited from a retiring teacher. According to Levi when the chickens stop moving they're sleeping. Obviously. 

My sister bought me this vintage lamp from Marabelle Decor Studio and you can fill the base with anything. I'm thinking air plants, but the shells are pretty too. Any ideas?

This is an everyday occurrence. Levi very seriously explaining to me his play activity while Jethro stares adoringly up at him. Older brothers are sooo cool.

Ben bought me this necklace for my birthday. It's made out of recycled silverware. Can you tell there is an old/new theme to my life? 

I get most of my inspiration from the web but I've subscribed to Vogue for ages and I'm still delighted when I open the mailbox to find my monthly issue. The make-up container is Joe Fresh Cheek Tint (My new favorite find) in Peach. It's only $4.00 and blends really nicely with a sponge, giving my cheeks a healthy glow. 

Eep! One of the greatest gifts of all. My little Jet.

Happy weekend!

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