Saturday, November 13, 2010


Ugh. I assumed once I was finished breast feeding my body would bounce back to it's pre-baby form. My body is bouncing, just not in the way I expected it to. When I sit down, my stomach flops over the top of my pants. It reminds me of Levi squeezing playdo through his fingers. Not a pretty sight.

The Last-10-Pounds Syndrome. I exercise daily, I eat healthy, but those pounds cling to my body. After eating a whole bag of Kettle chips the other day (C'mon they're baked. Delicious and nutritious.) I decided it was time to re-evaluate my healthy lifestyle.

  I exercise daily but sometimes don't work up a sweat. I am not always challenging my fitness level. I've been doing mostly cardio and not weights. I snack a lot. A Cheddar Bunny here, a whole bag of chips there, nom, nom, all day long.

I've made up some new goals for myself. I'm going to exercise for one hour, everyday, and make sure I work up a sweat. I've also force my butt back to the gym to weight train. I avoided the gym all summer but winter has finally settled in.

Everyone I know who has successfully lost weight has done it through Weight Watchers. Hold the phone, I'm not signing up, but I am using the power of Google to calculate points. Calculating points is a very useful tool. It's amazing how points add up if I am not eating healthy foods. For example, I made banana chocolate chip, whole wheat pancakes this morning. A nice treat after porridge EVERY SINGLE DAY. That ate up a lot of my daily points. Oops (but sooooo good!). I'm going to incorporate even more fruits and vegetables into my diet and drink a lot of water.

Only time will tell if these are the changes that need to happen but dang it, I want my clothes to fit me again!


  1. I hear you! Having a 'mommy' body can get depressing sometimes. :( I've already vowed that at six weeks post partum, I *will* be signing up for Curves, and I already told James that he *will* come home for lunch once a week and take the kids so I can go (plus I'll go on his two days off). I want to be me again!

  2. I'm a Weight Watchers junkie, Michelle. I too am REALLY struggling to get the last 10 pounds of baby weight off! I've just started back to dieting this week because enough is enough! - Lynda

  3. Knowing that you guys are planning to work at it too is very encouraging. Health is sooo important!

  4. You should download the iWatchr app, it's a points counter for your iPhone and it is REALLY handy. Also, I am very much enjoying the Hip Hop Abs dvd's I downloaded recently in a desperate attempt to make excercise fun...I would recommend it if you don't want to leave your house to work up a sweat!

  5. Thanks Natalie, that's VERY helpful!