Friday, November 12, 2010

Yes Please!

For Good Wear Days: Week 4, Girls Gone Child is giving away a pair of Minnetonka moccasin boots. I'm in it to win it so I have to get a lot of entries in this week (Did I really just say that?).  Fortunately yesterday I was doing a photoshoot and have some great outfits in my possession. I wish they were all mine but many of them are borrowed (I heart Tami).

The photoshoot took place in the country. Picture trekking through mud and wilderness in soft lacy dresses and Wellies. It was wonderful. I saw a deer and cows. Not exactly the kind of wild life one sees in the city. I can't wait to post pictures from the shoot and introduce you to the wonderful photographer.

This shot was taken by Ben in a rush on his way to work, so it's dark and generally crappy, but you get the jest of the outfit.
Friday, Nov 12

*Tami's vintage lace dress
DKNY belt
Black maternity tank from Thyme
Urban outfitter jeans
Bangles from India
Hunter Wellies-Huntress style

This is a cool, very nicely fitted vest with a scarf thing attached to it. I'm not exactly sure how you're supposed to wear the scarf. Pretty sure I've got it wrong (Another bad shot). 
Sat, Nov 13

*Tami's black vest

Love a bit of sparkle! Again, courtesy of Tami. Incase you're wondering, I do wear my Wellies ALL the  time. They're the mark of a Vancouver mama. 
Sat, Nov 13

Just before getting dressed this morning, I saw what Giovanna has been wearing. She inspired me to wear some yellow and bring some brightness to this grey day.

Sunday, Nov 14th

*Thrifted yellow blouse worn over black Joe dress

Going to grandma's outfit.
Tuesday, November 16th
*Wrap and belt-DKNY
leopard print shirt-H & M
Black tights-random
Black diaper bag-Lululemon 

An indoor kind of day.
Wednesday, Nov 17th

*Plaid Blouse-French Connection
Jeans-H&M maternity
Clogs-Don't know


  1. Love the sequin jacket. My sister scored a very similar one when we were thrifting in NOLA last autumn. Absolutely fabulous!

  2. OMG Sequins. SEQUINS! And I ADORE the Boho dress - totally want to borrow that one. xo