Friday, November 19, 2010

Taking the Plunge

I'm taking the plunge and beginning to blatantly advertise on my blog. Don't hate me. I want to remain a stay-at-home mom but it is HARD to make ends meet on one income. I feel sick when I think about not being the main care-taker of my child. Being at home with Levi is a value that I greatly esteem above many other could and should choices available to me. I know so many moms who feel the same way and are trying to find inventive ways to supplement their income.

Blogger offers advertising through Amazon Associates. After checking through products that are available through Amazon, I was pleased to see many that I have already talked about on this blog or are in some way related to the content of Elasticpantcity.

I have a solemn oath to swear to my two consistent readers:

1. I will never look for a product on Amazon and then write a post to advertise it. My blog will always be whatever I'm inspired to write and if there is a product, related to the content, that I think is either fun, helpful, informative or downright pretty I will post a link to it.

2. I will always state whether or not a product is linked to Amazon.

I receive a small commission whenever someone uses my link to buy a product through Amazon. Let's be honest, I'm not expecting to rake in the dough but I'm willing to try to bring in an extra dollar or two. Most of my posts will not have advertising. In fact, you may hardly notice the change to my blog.

I'd love to hear about other ideas that mom's have for supplementing their income!

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