Monday, November 8, 2010

Defining Moments

On Saturday night at 11:30 PM, I became an auntie to Kaeden James. The most defining moments in my life are always the one where my identity is altered. First there was marriage and becoming someone's wife, then there was giving birth and becoming a mother. This weekend it was becoming Auntie Michelle. It is so beautiful to watch your family transform before your eyes. Overnight my older brother and my sister-in-law became Kaeden's mommy and daddy. My older brother who used to stick my head in the snow. 

When I held sweet, little Kaeden I thought I would be terrified, remembering back to the newborn days with Levi. The tiredness, the frightening newness of everything. Instead, I was overwhelmed by the confidence I felt, I've been here before. I know what to do. Isn't it amazing how we grow into our God-given roles? What at first feels foreign becomes familiar. 

I love you little Kaeden. You and Levi are going to become good friends.

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