Monday, November 15, 2010


I hunted down some of my favorite recent editorial shots from Fashion Gone Rogue. Each one captivated me for different reasons.

There is a lot going on with the styling in this shot but what really caught my attention was the way the model was able to pose so that the audience can see all the detail of the clothing and accessories. That takes some mad skills. Especially in those shoes! I recently read about how models learn to walk the runway in mega high heels. It is an art form. 
Caroline Trentini for Elle Brazil Nov 2010, by Fabio Bartelt

 Why don't people wear hats like this? Imagine the cheer it would bring in the midst of long, dark winter days. Forget buying SAD therapy lamps, buy a hat in bloom!
Chicletes com Gaurana Pre-Fall 2011 Campaign; Barbara Zanco by Marcio Rodrigues

Sometimes you have to appreciate beauty.
Snap! | Kim Noorda by David Slijper for Marie Claire Italia

Look at the crispness of this photo. The clarity of the details is amazing. It reminds me of looking at leaves on trees after I had laser eye surgery. They were so defined, like the ribbons on the model's head scarf.
Marcelina Sowa by Sinsong

The Vancouver equivalent of this shoot location would be at Lighthouse Park. Mountains, water, sunset, lighthouse instead of windmill. Perfect setting to wear a romantic dress.

Morning Beauty | Natalia Vodianova by Mert and Marcus

The contrasting colors and the transformation of Caroline Trentini into a redhead make this an eye-catching, urban editorial.
Caroline Trentini for Elle Brazil Nov 2010, by Fabio Bartelt

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