Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Survived the North Pole

What to wear to the North Pole? Decisions, decisions. I finally found comfort and coziness in menswear. Who knew that Ben's Mexican hoody that I tried to throw out many times could be sooo comfortable. I'm betting Grandpa Gadd didn't know that his plaid farmer's shirt and scarf would become two of my favorite items of clothing. 
My family is tight with the Clauses so we had a free visit to the North Pole. The North Pole is decidedly geared towards little children. Our convoy consisted of nine adults and one 18 month old.  I think we intimidated the elves. 

 Please note Levi's "what is this place!?" expression through out our tour.

 First letter to Santa. It is ironic that Ben is helping him as Ben has told me he is going to tell Levi who Santa Clause really was and not lie to him. We are in dialogue. I'm pretty confident the other parents wont let Levi play with their kids around Christmas time. 
Stamping the letter and mailing it off.
Learning how to flag down reindeer. 

Doesn't know whether to love this freak town or hate it.
 Santa sleeping. Levi watching. Santa wakes up....
Sheer terror. Maybe next year.

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