Monday, May 16, 2011

Going Green

Ben and I went to the film Water For Elephants on Friday night. The movie didn't leave a lasting impression but one of the previews did. The China Study, a book I read, indicating the importance of a plant-based diet, is now being turned into a documentary film titled, Forks Over Knives. Seeing the preview left me deeply convicted that I've been neglecting a variety of vegetables in my family's diet. I vowed that this week I would make a salad based dinner each day. I went online and scored 20 Healthy Salad Recipes from the Best Health website. I've made three so far and they've all been a hit with Ben and Levi. 
 Fruity Pasta Salad

 New Potato Salad

 Garlicky Tomatoe Salad

Other than working at getting us healthy I've been continuing my DIY decorating rampage. I might have a bit of a problem. I barely finish one project before I'm onto the next and my collection of fabric, paint and hardware is piling up. I'm sewing these flags to string across Levi's wall. Right now it is a blank canvas waiting for a pop of color. Levi loves them and they remind me of the flags at a race track. Since we're having another boy I can go all out on a boyish theme. 

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  1. the same thing happened to me when we saw Water for Elephants! (though, i liked the movie quite a bit) That documentary trailer freaked me out and confirmed what i already had a suspicion to be the truth. Thanks for the yummy looking salad ideas that aren't just lettuce leaves and chopped carrot!
    Oh, and I love the flags for the boys' room. We were at a wedding last month where they lined the church in those and it was so neat!
    Also, I gave our mothers' days gifts in fabric envelopes I made and they were a big hit. Funny, how we don't see each other often yet we're still on the same wave-length. xoxoxo