Thursday, May 19, 2011

Speak Peace to Me

 My friend Sarah recently did a post on her blog about hanging with my fam and she used Instagram photos which reminded me of what an awesome app it is. I know real photographers probably can't stand these easy, instant filters but I love them!

It hasn't exactly been a peaceful week in elasticpantcity land. Levi's testing the two-year-old waters and Ben has had a discouraging week at work. I'm tired. I don't know what was going on upstairs last night but it was like they were dropping a bowling ball over my head for hours...

I suppose we all deal with stress in different ways. Ben plays melancholic music, and Levi plays his emo, Help me, I'm two music.

We also eat to deal with stress.

One of the best ways I can toss the worries of the world aside is to think about new life. In spring everything begins to grow. I could stand for hours over my garden watching little buds push up from under the stinky, manure packed earth. Isn't life just like that? We find ourselves in stinky situations and somehow, by the grace of God, we can come out of those dark times into new light and life. We push our way out of the wreckage and find our faith and character strengthened.

And You speak your peace to me.... 
One things for certain, when it comes my time, I'm leaving this world with a satisfied mind.

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