Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two Firsts, One Second

Yesterday was a day of two firsts and one second. Ben and I have the tendency to fly by the seat of our pants and on a whim we decided to make the transition from a crib to a toddler bed (for Levi. Not us). 

We had heard horror stories about little ones trying to adjust to a bed: Parents waking up in the middle of the night to find a face inches away from their own, ready to get up for the day at 4 AM. 

We spent the day telling Levi we would be picking up his big boy bed in the evening. When Ben started setting it up he was squealing with excitement. 

Is it a chair!? A tunnel!? A house!? No, it's a bed! My bed!

Our big boy/little man jumped right in to help. He's a whiz with a screw driver.

I thought he would look so little in his big bed and it shocked me to see that he fit it perfectly (tear). Can you tell he likes it? The best part: He slept no problem! Levi hasn't figured out he can get out on his own in the morning (Okay with me!) He also has a tendency to climb over the rail instead of out at the foot of the bed (These things take time apparently).

Also, today we had our second baby ultra sound (first of this pregnancy)! Baby # 2 has a strong heart beat and everything is growing and going as it should. It doesn't matter that this is our second time around, it was still incredibly moving/exciting/awe inspiring to see that little life inside of me. I was 20 weeks and one day so we got to find out the sex. The technician brought up a photo and said, "What you're looking at is not a finger. Show off."

I am so excited! Levi is going to have a little brother to mess around with, show the ropes to, and encourage through life. It also means sharing rooms, clothes and toys for a long time!

Oh, and his name. Ben won this time. Jethro Bastion. We're hoping and praying he'll be wise and strong like his namesakes (Not a hillbilly).

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  1. SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! Ben told us at staff meeting this morning and we all cheered. I can't wait to meet him!