Saturday, May 14, 2011

Look How Far We've Made It

Today I was feeling the pregnancy blues. My yucky feelings were not helped by:

A. My body going through another major hormonal shift.
B. Being awakened by a sweet little boy at 6 AM after going to bed at midnight.
C. Eating three sugar coated cupcakes. Oops.

To try to shake the blues I went through pictures from yesterday. We were celebrating Levi's second birthday! In the morning we chased played with the ducks on Granville Island and then Levi and his daddy navigated the playground. In the afternoon Levi's grandma, aunt and cousin came over and he was showered with awesome gifts. This past week I was baking for company and I made carrot cake cupcakes for Levi's birthday. I'm not very seasoned in the art of baking but I found some awesome recipes and amazingly everything turned out perfect! For the yummy cupcake recipe I used, go here.

 Last year we went all out for Levi's birthday. I dressed like spiderman and there were 40 guests! It was nice to lower the bar and keep things casual. Even with a small group Levi was overwhelmed by all the excitement and overtired by the end of the day. But it was worth it. His little life is a gift to us and to the many others he brings joy to. 

I like to wrap presents with left over fabric rather than buying paper from the store. It's also easier for little fingers to unwrap. 


  1. Aww what an adorable little boy!

  2. Love love love that picture of him drawing. Just the cutest.