Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shovelling S*&#!

We spent a good portion of the weekend shovelling shit. Following the advice of my in-laws we borrowed their swagger wagon, headed out to farmland, and filled the back of it with aged manure for our vegetable garden. Today we prepared the soil and I even popped in a few plants to get things growing.

Replaying the last week in my mind, I realize that trying to write a blog post every day is VERY hard. Family takes precedence over interwebbing and we have had a family-full week. On Friday we watched my sister-in-law perform in Suessical the Musical. It was a wonderful show and I wish that Levi were old enough to appreciate it, but he slept while we played.

When we got home from the burbs on Saturday we went straight to a kiddie birthday party. I had a migraine earlier in the day and the after effects nearly took me out. I don't know how I survived a two-year-old birthday party in one piece. Not to mention my neighbour's late night party which severely cut into my sleep. Alas, I still feel quite chipper, it must be all the fresh air from digging manure.

We're trying to chronicle our garden so I tool a few shots today to show our progress. I hope this week I'll get in a Mommy Monday all the way to a Fashion Friday....

Our garden beds, surrounded by manure and dirt.

Levi blew bubbles for two hours straight. Not a single break. Makes for good singing lungs.

Ben, picking through our compost. What a good man.

 Laying down the dirt.

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