Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Carry On

I kick myself every time I forget to carry my canon with me ALL the time. Not only do great family moments occur but I also see loads of people I want to grab pictures of. For instance, today I was driving on Granville Island and saw a dad cruising by on a Harley Davidson Bicycle, baby stroller in tow. have you soon those things! That dad looked seriously hardcore and I loved it. Then last night I went to Theatre Under The Stars to review a performance of Bye Bye Birdie for Vancouver Mom and had my Canon but no memory card (and no memory of removing the card. My baby brain has gone to mush).

Thank God for my iphone camera. Otherwise I would have missed Levi's all star haircut where he was such a little gem and made the hairdresser fall in love with him. I'd also have no evidence that Ben and I had a fabulous date night out on the town! Bye Bye Birdie was phenomenal and I can't wait to finish my review. Watch for the link coming soon!

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