Friday, July 8, 2011

Repo Wear

I don't mean to overwhelm you with my collages and use of American Typewriter but I'm in a groove and having fun! I have changed the name of my online shop about 100 times but I think I've finally settled on Repo Wear. The name is birthed from the concept of selling pieces I love and secretly wishing I could buy them back! Repo Wear is still under maintenance and knowing myself, the name may change again. 

This skirt is going to be for sale on Repo Wear. I am in love with the colours, length and fullness of it. I think the skirt is a perfect piece for summer or autumn as you can see by how I've "styled" it. 

In other news...

A while ago I was given the Lovely Blogger Award from Rachel Elizabeth at We Are All Magpies. Her blog is indeed lovely, especially if you appreciate creating fashion as an art form. There are so many blogs that I want to pass this award onto that instead of listing them all at once I'm going to continue highlighting my favorites on Elasticpantcity. Next week I'm looking forward to telling you about one of my latest blog discoveries!


  1. Hi there! Lovely blog, i followed you :)
    btw, im doing a giveaway for a YSL shirt on my blog
    hope you'll check it out!!!


  2. I love the blue dress too! And I like this post a lot - I've been watching a lot of True Blood lately and have been craving clothes with a southern/western flair.