Sunday, July 17, 2011

Parental Bliss

This weekend went by in a blur of early mornings, tantrums, kiddie birthday parties, x's and o's and
house work. I always have the intention of completing articles, working on launching my shop and taking pictures of exciting happenings around town. However, the nitty gritty of life is that I'm super duper prego, my ankles are swollen, my last pair of decent pants just stopped fitting and I'm tired. All the time. Even after a 2 1/2 hour nap. Crazy thing is, I still have two months to go. Two more months. God help me. And that is a heart felt prayer : )

Despite my general bodily discomfort, I'm able to find moments of parental bliss with my little dude. Here are five such moments:

1. Every morning we sit together and have tea in peaceful silence. Levi sips his rooibos like a wizened old man and I get my caffeine fix. Once in a while one of us will let out a contented, "Ahhhh."

2. When Levi hasn't seen me for a while he'll hunt me down and greet me with, "Hi sweetie pie!"

3. Levi loves the bagpipes. Today our neighbor pulled out his pipes at a birthday party and his little girls performed highland dancing. Levi spent the rest of the party doing his version of highland/break dancing with a special back roll finale.

4. Levi might be a genius : ) He holds a crayon like a pro and draws perfect little circles and lines. No scribbling (Parents, do you ever just want to shout, "Look at my child! He is amazing!")

5. Levi confines his tantrums to the home. Thank-you kiddo for saving face for us in front of the neighbors! They all think he is the perfect little angel. I hear from them all the time, "I've never ever seen him cry or scream." Really? REALLY?

I just love him.