Sunday, July 10, 2011

Don't Have a Cow

This is a meaty tale. On Friday our neighbor upstairs informed us he would be having a BBQ Saturday evening. He is a part of a BBQing league (No joke) and takes his meat seriously. Did you know that Brisket is best BBQ'd for 18 hours, while carefully monitoring the temperature? Our dear neighbor put his hunk of meat on the grill at 2 AM and monitored it until 5 AM. Living in close quarters means that I was able to share the experience with him. I had the pleasure of being overwhelmed by the smell of roasting cow while lying in bed, listening to lead footed boys prepare their manly meal. 

I was in rough shape Saturday. Extremely tired and crabby/crappy feeling. I could complain more about my disrupted sleep but we were invited to said BBQ and I like my neighbor (Did I mention his wife was out of town? Men get up to strange things when women aren't around). 

The BBQ was great fun and apparently the Brisket was delicious. I left the meat for the boys. 

In order to get out of my funk on Saturday I had to focus on the little things I'm thankful for. 

I spotted these flowers at Capers and wanted to buy them but felt guilty for spending money frivolously. My sweet Ben saw I was torn and said, "I want to buy these flowers for you." Awww.

We've been living with a high-lighter yellow bathroom and mildew stained ceiling for the last year and a half. We finally got around to giving it a fresh coat of crisp white paint. Now we can do our business in a clean, bright space. Ben also built the vanity and replaced the gross linoleum with tile (Our landlord covered most of the cost). What an improvement!

A DIY project I'm actually making progress on. We found two patio chairs on the side of the road. The frames were black and the seat coverings were moldy, stained and falling apart. The frames are primed and I've almost completed sewing the first seat cover. I want to paint them either the light blue of the fabric or bright white. They're going to become indoor chairs for my work space. 

I'm so pleased with Romwe, the new shop I'm affiliated with. I'm especially a fan of this clutch, and the price, $22.99 (Holla!). It comes in multiple colors with either a thick or thin band. What a styling way to carry around a few diapers, wipes and onesies! 

Who gets rid of a pair of Bruno Magli pumps in near perfect condition?! Whoever you are, thank-you!

Ahhh, my garden. It gives me so many analogies for life. Remember when I was showing you pictures of a pile of manure?  

What a circular story, starting and ending with a cow : )


  1. First off, props to your hubby for being super sweet!!! That is just too cute!

    Secondly, might I just say I love the fabric on the chair! It's so pretty!

    And thirdly, that clutch is adorable!!! I LOVE the color!!! <3 :)

  2. Loving the chair, especially the piping! Easy wasn't it?! Piping just makes everything look so professional! Looks Fab!

  3. Thanks Claire! The cover was only basted then so it looks so much better even now!