Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mommy Musings | Pumped Up

My trip down to Seattle with a group of girlfriends was an amazing time. We shopped, we shopped, we ate, we even did some learning at a conference for women on Biblical counselling (If that sounds weird, ask me and I can explain it more). I had to pump every few hours. At one point during the conference I went into the nursing mom's room and there were at least 10 other women hooked up to pumps. The one baby in the room started crying and we all cheered as our milk flowed (I know you're totally weirded out if you don't have kids, but this is a glimpse into the secret world of moms. And trust me there are many secrets). 

Ben was at home with the boys and it turns out they don't need me 24 hours a day, every day, for all eternity. Jethro slept well (what!?), they played and ate at McDonald's. I had pumped for two weeks leading up to my trip so that Jethro could still have breast milk, but he refused to take it while I was gone. I was seriously debating weaning him cold turkey. My girlfriends encouraged me to make the break and Ben was behind the idea.

By the time we were driving home, I was an over full balloon, ready to burst. I had milk backed up to my ears and I was uncomfortable to the point of nausea. When I walked in the door to my home at 10:30 PM I had made up my mind not to nurse Jet any more. I would just pump to be more comfortable. 

I thought I'd better go into Jethro's room and check on him. I stood by his crib looking at his sweet, sleeping body. And then his lips began to make the sucking motion for nursing. I wasn't going to nurse. Instead I just lightly stroked his forehead....Oh, no! He woke up! What a surprise. As if by some gravitational force Jethro ended up on my breast. 

I like to be needed. 

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