Sunday, October 14, 2012

Schooled in Art

In the fog on Grouse Mountain (looking a little creepy). 
Showing my support for wild life.
Have you ever seen a photo and then stepped up close and realized it's the work of a master painter?  The attention to the colour, detail, and lighting of the subject play a trick on the mind. Ben and I attended the wine and cheese night at The Artist for Conservation Festival on Grouse Mountain where we were fortunate to mingle with some of the artists, several of which were very young, and some who had only been painting for a few years (wild talent). One of the artists, Robin Murray, started painting when he was Levi's age. Born in 1986, Robin comes from a family of nine children and was homeschooled by his mother. He said that between the end of the school day and dinner, in order that the kids didn't run wild, his parents made them choose a hobby for entertainment. Robin chose painting and although he never attended art school, his years of practice paid off (Homeschooling, one point)!

The Artist for Conservation Foundation is a non-profit, international organization dedicated to the "celebration and preservation of the natural world." The paintings on exhibit at the festival focus on nature and wildlife. All the paintings are for sale with a certain percentage of the proceeds going to the artists' conservation organization of choice. The Festival runs from October 13-21 and includes youth and adult workshops.

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