Thursday, October 18, 2012

Working Girl

 I'm now an official contributor to Vancouver Mom! I've been writing pieces for them on and off for a couple years and I'm finally in a place where I have the time and energy (granted caffeine consumption has increased exponentially) to be part of the work force. Most importantly I'm doing what I love at a very small scale, that still allows me to be a present and engaged wife and mother. I'll be posting links to my writing for Vancouver Mom on Elasticpantcity if you want to check me out there as well!

I recently wrote an article for Vancouver Mom about Rogue Dance Studio where Levi takes a Creative Dance Class. The studio is passionate about helping kids embrace the arts and get moving! Find the article here.
Photo Source : Vancouver Mom ; Child: Mine


  1. That is so awesome and exciting! Congratulations beautiful xo

  2. Thanks for the congratulations. A lot of my excitement comes from working with a great group of women over at Vancouver Mom!