Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back on the Bandwagon

I'm so excited that on April 13th, I will begin taking an eight-week course titled Haute Couture: Draping a Mannequin. This course represents a huge step in returning to my pre-parent lifestyle. When Levi was an itty-bitty baby I questioned whether or not I'd ever be able to jump back on the hobby bandwagon. Thank God this opportunity has arisen at a time when Levi is becoming more independent and toddler-like (sniff, tear).

This course was last offered when I was nine months pregnant. I remember asking a mother in a course I was taking at the time whether she thought I could take the draping classes with my newborn in a sling. She laughed at me. Now I know why.

As prep for my course I decided  to get my hands dirty and create something. I have beautiful pashmina shawls lying around my closet that don't get enough wear. I sewed one of them into a vest. I think it turned out pretty rad, but don't look too closely, I sewed it at Project Runway speed and I can just picture the judges sneering at my finishing job.


  1. how did you do it? i want to do it, too!

  2. The original idea is from Quick Stuff to Sew magazine and then I tweaked it to my liking : )

  3. Soooo cool Michelle! You are the most stylish Mom I know.

  4. Um, yeah, that's rad. You are frequently my hero.