Friday, October 29, 2010

Not So Light and Fluffy

Good Wear Days (Week Two) has begun for Girls Gone Child.  My natural inclination is to apologize for self-portraits but I like these photos. 

A year ago I was in a very bad place: Rock-bottom. I was struggling with severe post-partum depression and was an out-patient in BC Women's Reproductive Mental Health program. I like to keep this blog light and fluffy so I wont go into the gory details but lets just say it was painful. With time, prayer, an excellent doctor, good family and friends and the sweetest little boy you could ever I ask for, I am on my way up. 

When I look at these pictures I see myself again, and not the miserable mess I was. My confidence is returning (and so is my body). I am sooo thankful just to have the energy to get dressed. I  found my missing tripod and wanted to experiment with self-portraits. The close-up shots show the awesome detailing on this leather jacket. I was also trying to show the draping on this black dress (fail, oh well). 

And then I added the yellow heels. After all, sometimes life looks pretty black, but there's always light at the end of the tunnel.

*Thrifted leather jacket, Joe dress, Nine West heels

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Closet Remix: Event

Kijiji: Closet ReMIX- Shop local fashionistas closets!!

Better late than never, no? My friend Jenn Co, a stylist in Vancouver, has been working her but off to make this event happen. If you live in Vancouver and love to thrift this is the place to visit to revamp your wardrobe without spending a fortune. Come to this event to dig through the closets of local fashionistas. You may even find some gems to wear through the Christmas season. 

*This is a cash only event

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Little Lumber Jack

Today has been a perfect mommy and Levi day. We had an awesome time at music class. I was very proud of Levi's dancing skills, especially of the bollywood moves that Ben and I taught him.

Then he had a 2 1/2 hour nap. Do you know how much can be accomplished in 2 1/2 baby free hours?! To celebrate being refreshed and rested we took a stroll to the park because it was a gorgeous fall day. A stranger asked if he was in his halloween costume already. Umm, no... Levi generally dresses like a lumber jack everyday. As does his father.
However, being mistaken as a lumberjack inspired Levi to cut down this tree. "Cut and conquer," he said. 
I love him.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Country Craving

I love living an urban lifestyle but there is a part of me that craves the simplicity of the country. I have never lived beyond suburbia, but lately I've felt like working the land!

Instead of an acreage I have a tiny square of grass, but in the coming year I'm hoping to grow things. I say things because everything is theoretical and I don't know what or when to plant. Fortunately, my neighbors are joining me in this endeavor and so hopefully we will see a tomato or two.
I have a number of sources of inspiration leading me to this country-living craving. I'm reading a book titled Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingslover. Kingslover tells the story of her family's decision to move to a farm, raise their own food, buy it locally or live without it for one year. The purpose of their venture is to reveal how living off the land is a lost art, as we rely on mega-industry to bring food to our table. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle covers a lot of territory from food ethics to scrumptious recipes. I can't wait to apply some of the knowledge from this book when I grow my own garden.
Another source of inspiration is the lovely blog, A Day in the Country. Heather Cameron is an organic farmer (among many other things) in the Fraser Valley. The images she posts of her farm life could make even the most hard-core city dweller want to visit the country. Her posts are also incredibly witty.
And then of course there is how I envision I would dress on the farm. Frolicking only happens in the country.
Finally, I splurged and bought some Hunter Wellies. They are begging to get muddy.

*Model photo-Morning Beauty:Sasha Pivovarova by Nathaniel Goldberg via fashiongonerogue

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Not the Shiz

I know we all try to avoid appearing narcissistic on the world wide web and so you'll have to take my word that I don't think I'm the shiz. Girls Gone Child is doing a bag give away that involves posting a photo of yourself in one or a few of your favorite outfits. I thought, "awesome, everyday I'll dress up and take a self-portrait." Ha, ha, haha. It was a nice thought. This is only my second and possibly my last style post for Girls Gone Child. I find my days are a little unpredictable with Levi, and I'm very satisfied to make it out of my PJ's. If I get another style post in, yippee! 

*GAP blazer
Very old American Eagle button-up shirt
Joe tank top
Thrifted jeans
Hunter boots
Thrifted feather necklace

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Just Passing Time

Ben has been gone eight days. Ten more days to go. Fortunately, I'm easily entertained and so time passes slowly, which is better than feeling like it is standing completely still and oh my goodness how am I going to survive!  I do activities like putting colorful bracelets on my wrists and then admire how the light catches them. Ahhh, the simple things!

Levi also keeps me on my toes. Why do toddlers find danger so attractive?  Our days are filled with minor mishaps ("I can't believe that floor just tripped you!") and play dates. On some evenings my can't-live-without-'em girlfriends have come over to relieve me so that I can exercise and just breathe. 
I eagerly anticipate Ben's return but in the mean time I'm challenging myself to grow. I'm learning to thank God for the blessings he has given me through wonderful friends, family and a sweet little boy.  

oh my goodness how am i going to survive
thank God

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pretty Unique

I've always dreamed of designing and sewing my own wardrobe. Making a dream come true requires motivation and inspiration and that's why I love the blog The Dress I Made. Renske Solkesz has created a timeless wardrobe for herself with beautiful garments, made unique by her attention to detail. For example, Renske's designs often have beautiful closures, seams, and bows where you might not necessarily expect them. Another reason I love this blog is that the photos she posts are very architectural. I love the clothing as much as I love the backgrounds.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Awesomeness Over Practicality?

The weathermen are predicting the worse winter in 55 years. Umm, were they around two years ago? I was sure the winter of 2008/2009 was the beginning of the end of the world.  I was pregnant and plodding through huge snow drifts. My equilibrium was totally thrown off by my belly and the snow contributed to many but plants. Have you ever seen the terror on people's faces when a pregnant woman falls? Bless their hearts, I was fine, just wet and shaking my fist at the City of Vancouver.

For this winter I know I should be considering practical footwear. Pretending money doesn't matter, Hunter Wellies are the obvious option. They're cool, comfortable and will keep my feet dry.
But then, with Ben gone, I have been window shopping on-line. Stupid, I know. I came across these boots in all their awesomeness.
I love the blue lining and how it flows up over the ankle. I think the heel is flattering and they would look amazing with skinny jeans, tights, dresses, pretty much everything. Like this dress, with a wide brown or blue belt.

However, my crush on these boots is impractical (to put it mildly). If I'm trekking through snow in them, I will likely fall and break both legs. 


I'd love to hear some opinions. Awesomeness over practicality? 

*Dress and brown boots from modcloth. FYI, Instyle magazine is promoting a 15% discount off any modcloth purchase using the code: instylewebguide.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seeking Modesty

I remember wandering into an expensive baby boutique and seeing a nursing cover being sold for over $40.00. I pulled out the cover and was amazed to see that it consisted of a rectangular piece of fabric, a small piece of boning and a strap. I'm too frugal to spend money on something I could easily sew for far less. Nursing covers have now become one of my favorite gifts to make for mommy's. A lot of women are okay to let it all hang out but for those seeking modesty (wasn't giving birth enough of a reveal!) nursing covers are a necessity. This is the one I just completed for my first nephew. I haven't met him yet but I am over-the-moon excited to!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

India Stole My Heart

Ben leaves for India tomorrow for three weeks! This date has been looming on the horizon for a long time. I've gone through various emotions from blatant jealousy to extreme joy at the opportunity he has to experience such an amazing culture. I went to India when I was 16 so it softens the blow at being left behind a little bit.

I feel it is my responsibility to take care of Levi and I've come to a place of peace with God that this is a difficult, but exciting season in our lives. Ben gets to go to India and help build a basketball court for a children's school/home. I imagine the joy and excitement the children will have playing on the court and I picture Levi one day joining in on the fun and games. The separation is worth the fruit this trip will produce.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from my trip to India. They were lost over time and taken before digital cameras. My memories are blurry but full of exotic colour, smells and tastes. I bought a beautiful sari when I was there and I remember the amazing clothes the people wore, rich or poor. I dug up some photos of Indian street style on the web. Unfortunately there is surprisingly little, but I thought these ones by The Sartorialist were a decent representation.

*All photos by The Sartorialist via

Friday, October 8, 2010

It's a Fantasy World

One of my favorite blogs for finding artwork is The Clothes Horse. Recently this blog featured illustrations from the Gazette du Bon Ton, by Pierre Brissaud. The Gazette was a fashion magazine published between 1912 and 1925. When I look at these illustrations I imagine the story behind them. 

The women are mothers. However, not the kind of mothers who wear yoga pants all day (or worse pajama bottoms). These women are beautifully dressed and care about appearances. Their fashion sense continues from day to night. While the children are in bed the parents go out to play in their finest garments.

I know it is a fantasy world but it still inspires me to treat getting dressed like an art form. It also challenges me to consider the importance of having some form of social life, that does not revolve around children. While it is something to achieve, now I am happy if I make it to lunch without getting food on my clothes.

Monday, October 4, 2010


I have no awareness of my body when I try to pose for photos. It takes many shots and the extreme patience of my husband to get any decent pictures. For example, in these photos I'm trying to show-off my clothing swap pants. My friend Tami thrifted them from her step-mom and told me to try to make them work. They  have that slouchy, menswear look. Shots of these pants have to be taken at the perfect angle or else I look very oompa-loompa. And then there is my little man who wants to be a part of the fun. Regardless of my sad modelling skills, playing dress-up is fun and so are free clothes.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Bangs are Back in Town

For the first 19 years of my life I sported bangs. Ben and I have known each other since high school but didn't start dating until we were in our early 20s. I asked him once how he thought I looked in the awkward teen years.

"I thought you were kind of funny looking."

Apparently it was the bangs. I grew them out and suddenly was...less funny looking. Anyways, for a while I've been wanting to change my hair. On a whim, while Ben was away in Seattle I decided to bring the bangs back. Voila! Ben tells me they are in style now. Thanks honey.
Totally, unrelated to my new haircut, I won this awesome Diesel scarf from Leone at a ladies' retreat. I love the print and the girl with the hot pink lips. Eventually I'll style it with an outfit and post a proper pic .