Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Homemade Pizza

Ben has mastered the art of homemade pizza. He came up with an amazing crust recipe that is perfect every time. When I make it, even though I follow the exact steps, it turns out about half the time. Hence the reason I will not post the recipe. Apparently Ben has the magic touch. 

I keep forgetting to post the link to my review of the new Disney Store in Metrotown. Here it is! I also wanted to include some recent phone photos of Little Levi. If I wait too long to post them I end up with too many to choose from.

Levi doesn't read signs. He often parks himself here to watch the neighborhood and wave at people as they walk by. He's going to be one of those old people who brings a lawn chair to the curb for entertainment.

Picking Daisies at the beach. Yes, the beach. Kits Pool has been cleaned out and is waiting to be filled with fresh water. Oh, but it was cold. I'm not going to pull out my swimsuit just yet.

Same fence as first photo. Levi takes drawing very seriously. He doesn't just scribble. He made sure to mark every single board on the fence at least once. Levi has also been know to walk around with a pen and piece of paper, taking notes. Not only at home but he follows us around with pen and paper at the grocery store. We joke that he is taking notes about his childhood for his future memoir (My parents were crazy...).

Clearly Levi is not always serious. This is one of his favorite activities.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mommy Monday: Getting Dirty

Today we began our vegetable garden. Levi had his little tools and he "helped" us as we pulled up weeds and grass to make space for our garden beds. Ben and I are building the garden based on a boxed style layout in a raised bed. The most informative website I found for how to have a high-yield garden in a small space is from a Colorado State University page

It was very refreshing to get a little dirty working the land. I loved watching Levi discover bugs and other creepy crawlies.  It is a a bit of a challenge to pull out weeds with a pregnant belly but I still enjoyed the experience. Also, did you know gardening is excellent foreplay? Made you blush.

 I found these items that I thought would make gardening even more of a pleasure. I figure the plants shouldn't be the only colourful thing in a garden! Wouldn't they make great Mother's Day gifts!?

1. Missoni Sun Hat via Net-A-Porter.com
2. T-Shirt - American Apparel
3. Jimi Flare Jeans - TEXTILE Elizabeth and James
4. Gloves - Paisley Gauntlet Glove - www.womanswork.com
5. Garden Tools - www.countryliving.com
6. Herb Drying Rack and spade shovel - www.countryliving.com

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Love is in the Air

I don't know if it's because Spring is in the air and our 4th wedding anniversary is a month away but I was daydreaming about our wedding day. It was a beautiful event: The weather was perfect, the location was picturesque and I got to end the day married to a spectacular man.

 I still love my dress even though by evening the side seam was ripped and the straps were killing my shoulders (all alterations I insisted upon. Oops). We were young and in love, now we're still in love but a little bit older and wider wiser. 

Happy wedding season everyone!

* All photos courtesy of Retrospect Photography.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tots and Thoughts Thursday: Stick to Your Guns

The battle of wills between a two-year-old and a 28-year-old, you'd think the older person would always win. We're trying to wean Levi off his soother and it's like getting a smoker to quit. Levi asks for it through out the day and when I give it to him at nap time he shouts with joy, "Soother!" Actually, he can only pronounce the last part of soother and it ends up sounding like, "whore." Isn't that awful? Asking for, "whore," All. Day. Long. 

When Levi gets really upset he comes begging for his soother and I have to choose whether or not to cave in or find another means to comfort him. I know his soother brings him instant relief but he needs to break that dependency as he gets older. Now I cuddle him until he calms down and do my best to distract him. Before I would cuddle him and allow the soother to do its magic. It was sooo much easier. 

Hmmm. Maybe I had a bit of a soother dependency too? I'm having to constantly remind myself, You are the parent. Stick to your guns.

 Levi and I are both experiencing growing pains but we'll come out stronger on the other side. 

P.S. I'm watching the Canucks game and it is painful. I made a comment to a friend at the beginning of the series that the Canucks are heart breakers. They can be three games ahead, get your hopes up, and lose the next four. Say it ain't sooooo!

P.P.S. I'm trying to break into spring mode with some pretty prints. The blouse is from H&M and not meant to be maternity wear but it works perfectly. I wish I had something other than black leggings to wear with it. I'm sure I could wear it as a dress except I'm not into that, "she forgot her pants" look. 

 Lest we forget Easter isn't all about bunnies and chocolate. May you mourn on Good Friday, Reflect on Silent Saturday, and celebrate Resurrection Sunday! Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Home Grown

I'm excited about these seeds I ordered from Stellar Seeds. They're certified organic and from a B.C., family-run company. We've been talking about planting a vegetable garden for ages. We have the site picked out and now it's a matter of collecting the supplies and preparing the soil. We have worm infested compost that is just waiting to be used.

Of course I have to romanticize gardening. I envision myself knee deep in dirt wearing a scarf like this.

In garden inspired clothing.

I could also use this hat for extra sunny days.

Or I could dress like this to blend in with the vegetation...Kind of freaky.

Photo Credits:  herehere, here, and here

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mommy Monday: If You Get to the Bottom

We are home from Chicago and I am content to spend my days with my little boy, doing mommy things. Levi was very happy to see us. I was worried we might have a difficult transition but he has been a little angel. Apparently he is a very well-adjusted child (Hopefully #2 follows suit). 

These Iphone pics are more of our Chicago adventure. 

Me and The Man. Ariana and I thought the butt shot was a more unique angle.

The Bulls won, beating the record of most wins in a season. More exciting was that Matt Saracen was in the crowd. Can I hear a woot, woot for Friday Night Lights!?

I know this is shocking but this trip to Chicago was my first time in Anthropologie. I loved it. I feel like the store from its clothes to decor defines my personal style (Or I'd like to thing so). 

We bought our daily coffee from Intelligentsia. The beans from one of our coffee shops in Vancouver is supplied by them and they are roasted in Chicago. Yummers, so fresh and smooth.

If you have read to this point I am going to change topics. As a mommy I have three things riding on my mind. 
1. I'm planning to have a home birth with baby # 2
2. I am seriously considering home-schooling my children
3. I am already thinking about child # 3 and looking into the foster care system

Clearly these thoughts haven't come to me out of no where and eventually I'll go into further detail of my thought processes. But in the mean time I'll let you think I'm a crazy, hippie mama or you may just want to cheer me on.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chicago Eats

I've heard about the concept of farm-to-table but I'd never experienced it first hand at a restaurant. Our friend who planned and organized this trip to Chicago did some serious research and dug up an amazing farm-to-table restaurant, Nightwood. Nightwood is located in Chicago's historic Pilsen neighbourhood. I wasn't planning to blog about our dinner until the relaxed atmosphere, food and delightful service swept me off my feet.  

The exposed brick walls, quirky artwork, tasteful splashes of colour and soft lighting made for a warm and welcoming visit. The staff consisted of friendly hipsters who were very patient with our boisterous group.

The food was a little bit of heaven. The salad was fresh, with the perfect amount of a subtle, but tasty dressing. The biscuits were a refined balance of crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. The entrees of chicken and pasta were beautifully seasoned. The pasta was even hand made! 

Are you drooling yet?

Nightwood's vegetable garden.