Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Homemade Pizza

Ben has mastered the art of homemade pizza. He came up with an amazing crust recipe that is perfect every time. When I make it, even though I follow the exact steps, it turns out about half the time. Hence the reason I will not post the recipe. Apparently Ben has the magic touch. 

I keep forgetting to post the link to my review of the new Disney Store in Metrotown. Here it is! I also wanted to include some recent phone photos of Little Levi. If I wait too long to post them I end up with too many to choose from.

Levi doesn't read signs. He often parks himself here to watch the neighborhood and wave at people as they walk by. He's going to be one of those old people who brings a lawn chair to the curb for entertainment.

Picking Daisies at the beach. Yes, the beach. Kits Pool has been cleaned out and is waiting to be filled with fresh water. Oh, but it was cold. I'm not going to pull out my swimsuit just yet.

Same fence as first photo. Levi takes drawing very seriously. He doesn't just scribble. He made sure to mark every single board on the fence at least once. Levi has also been know to walk around with a pen and piece of paper, taking notes. Not only at home but he follows us around with pen and paper at the grocery store. We joke that he is taking notes about his childhood for his future memoir (My parents were crazy...).

Clearly Levi is not always serious. This is one of his favorite activities.

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