Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tots and Thoughts Thursday: Stick to Your Guns

The battle of wills between a two-year-old and a 28-year-old, you'd think the older person would always win. We're trying to wean Levi off his soother and it's like getting a smoker to quit. Levi asks for it through out the day and when I give it to him at nap time he shouts with joy, "Soother!" Actually, he can only pronounce the last part of soother and it ends up sounding like, "whore." Isn't that awful? Asking for, "whore," All. Day. Long. 

When Levi gets really upset he comes begging for his soother and I have to choose whether or not to cave in or find another means to comfort him. I know his soother brings him instant relief but he needs to break that dependency as he gets older. Now I cuddle him until he calms down and do my best to distract him. Before I would cuddle him and allow the soother to do its magic. It was sooo much easier. 

Hmmm. Maybe I had a bit of a soother dependency too? I'm having to constantly remind myself, You are the parent. Stick to your guns.

 Levi and I are both experiencing growing pains but we'll come out stronger on the other side. 

P.S. I'm watching the Canucks game and it is painful. I made a comment to a friend at the beginning of the series that the Canucks are heart breakers. They can be three games ahead, get your hopes up, and lose the next four. Say it ain't sooooo!

P.P.S. I'm trying to break into spring mode with some pretty prints. The blouse is from H&M and not meant to be maternity wear but it works perfectly. I wish I had something other than black leggings to wear with it. I'm sure I could wear it as a dress except I'm not into that, "she forgot her pants" look. 

 Lest we forget Easter isn't all about bunnies and chocolate. May you mourn on Good Friday, Reflect on Silent Saturday, and celebrate Resurrection Sunday! Happy Easter!


  1. Amen to not wearing the 'ooh, she forgot her pants' look!
    And yay for Easter - I just got back from gospel choir practice for Sunday's service at our church and IT'S MY FAVORITE!!

    Happy Easter, friend.