Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I've Bean to Chicago

We're in Chicago, the land of deep dish pizza and the giant bean. Our first morning of exploration led us through Millennium Park. The rest of the day was dedicated to Ben's work conference, The Gospel Coalition.

To Christians, the conference might sound cool, to my readers who aren't Christians it probably sounds crazy. But I'm okay with walking that line. After all, it is deep conviction that guides most of our lives, whether it's how we install our child's car seat or issues of faith.

I'm sure this bean has profound, artistic meaning. 

It's also really good for self-portraits.

Millennium Park is full of chrome structures. I wish I could say more about our touristy morning but my mind is processing a lot of information. I'm used to thinking things through at the pace of a two year old so I'm having to adjust my gears.

City skylines are my favourite images. 

I'm warming my butt on a chrome bridge in this pic. It is beautiful but chilly in Chicaaago. They talk funny here. Ben is now called Bin. 

 I was so proud of how efficiently I packed until I realized my wardrobe consisted of all blue, grey and black clothing. Thankfully, I have a bit of red to brighten me up. I was slipped some shopping money for our trip and I'm planning to use it to add some spring colours to my wardrobe, maybe a print or too. It's time to escape the colour doldrums.

That's all for now folks! If I can access free Wi-Fi tomorrow I'll be back.

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